Bulk WhatsApp Features


WhatsApp marketing, a new revolution in the digital marketing campaign, has brought an enormous change in the way people promote their services & products. It’s the smartest and the most popular messaging platform. In today’s digital age, it is more than just a messenger and is now a tool used universally at all business level as an integral part to promote their services & products. Now make your messages more understandable and sufficient with an unlimited number of characters. Apart from the normal text messages, Bulk Whatsapp messages can support multiple media files for brand communication.

Our Bulk WhatsApp message service allows you to send unlimited WhatsApp based marketing messages in different formats such as text, images, videos, vCard, and GPS Locations. Compared to the Sms messages, where you cannot promote your services & products to people who have subscribed to DND, WhatsApp marketing can target the entire audience. You can also filter the unwanted Non-Whatsapp numbers and send messages only to numbers which have active Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Marketing Features :

  • Promote your product thru videos
  • Easy to incorporate hyperlinks in messages
  • Faster and user-friendly
  • Hassel free
  • Send more text & images
  • Costs you almost nothing
  • Customer relationship
  • Brand Positioning
  • Increase Sales and Brand exposure
  • New Revenue Source for your business
  • Unlimited number of character in your tex