Bulk Voice Calls Features

bulk voice calls
                              bulk voice calls

Bulk voice calls refer to a pre-recorded voice message that can be listened from a mobile or a landline number. With a very easy process, you can make a voice message which can help to call unlimited number in just one go. It also helps to keep a track and earn a huge profit. It is a simple and fastest and cost-effective method. Voice broadcasting facility helps your enterprise to enter their desired market. It helps in reaching the target audience directly by the communication device. With the bulk voice SMS or voice call service.

Extremely user-friendly routes are designed for providing the bulk voice calls services at the highly affordable price. It helps your enterprise to reach the zenith. With this service, you can share any new details with the desired market, clients or with any other group. In many industries, bulk voice calls help to decrease the labor cost and dependency on men and it also is directly proportional to completion percentage with respect to the manual calls.

Bulk Voice Call Service provider provides maximum call delivery in the minimum time period. It helps to provide the services such as sending any important alerts, announcement, also reminder or any notifications, social media campaigning messages. It also helps in promoting your business or any marketing campaigns, the latest offers and updating the products and services.

Bulk Voice Calls Features Are:-

• The pre-recorded message is sent to mobile and landlines all over India…
• Voice broadcasts for election campaigns or for awareness of new government schemes, or any railway services e.g. booking confirmation or on inquiry about current running trains.
• Very affordable SMS or Voice Calls service.
• A special system is designed to call thousands of numbers in one go. The system will dial all the numbers that are uploaded and the message is played. This will help to handle many queries in a couple of minutes.
• Your own contact Number can be used As a Caller ID for sending the Bulk Voice SMS or CALLS.
• API Codes for Website or Software Integration also available
• Call Scheduling Facility also available
• You can Send Voice Message in local language
• Upload Mp3 recording or Wav File

Bulk Voice Calls Connectivity options

MOBILE APPLICATION:-Compatible Mobile Application that is Android IOS or Windows helps to deliver BULK VOICE CALLS directly from using the Smart Phones

WEB:- it is a very easy method to use the web application which enables the web to deliver Voice Calls from anywhere at any time by just logging in the web interference.

HTTP API:- HTTP API is the easiest and widely used technique that helps to integrate bulk voice SMS calling with the foreign party applications which are fully compatible with all the other programming languages. It is very Easy to Integrate the Comprehensive Documentation and also generate DLR Reports API.

SIP:- it is most used telecommunication protocol for controlling and signing communication sessions for the voice calls. It is the best for the one who has Large Voice Call volume

CUSTOM:- customized voice calls are for the ones for whom any of the above connectivity options not suitable it is operated based on your requirements.